Priorities Surrounding Technology Integration

Janelle talks about how to integrate technology which is already available in schools to the best of their ability so they are not just sitting on the side ‘looking pretty’.

PE as a Core Subject

Here’s another blog from Sarah McCabe. This time she focuses on PE and how it needs to be taught, especially in primary school.

Why the Word “Fun” Is So Important in Education

Learning is so much more successful when it’s engaging. Lois recalls how she and Nicholas made a breakthrough with his dyslexia. The breakthrough came when they began having more fun.

Free 90 min Resilience, Mindset and Self Belief Workshop

Today we bring you something a little different. ‘This is Me!’ is  a Resilience, Mindset and Self Belief Workshop for Parents and Teens run by Jackie Wilson of Empower Education.

Jackie has kindly recorded the following 90 min workshop for the Nexus Community to watch FREE.

Nicholas Letchford: From “Slow Learner” to Oxford Ph.D. Grad

At 7 years old, Nicholas was called the “worst child seen in 20 years of teaching” by his school diagnostician. In 2018, he received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University. His mother, author Lois Letchford, refused to give up on him, became a reading specialist and international speaker. Follow their shared journey in “Reversed: A Memoir.”

Moving on up!

Adam had just began working at his new school when he was put forward for a middle leadership course. He couldn’t believe they meant him and worried what his colleagues would think.

My Companion, Anxiety

A window to the soul. A brave look at anxiety from Jayne Carter.

Giving children a reason to use technology

In this great NexEdBlog, Chris Waterworth uses flipped learning, the Maker Movement, EdTech and electronics to inspire his students again.