3P Learning are very excited to announce the launch of Multiverse. Powered by Mathletics, Multiverse is an immersive challenge designed to increase multiplication fact fluency and recall. Set in a rich, animated science-fiction world, students use their knowledge and recall of multiplication facts in a story context, to scan asteroids, harvest resources, navigate through space and even defeat space pirates!

Learners are able to choose the game mode that best supports their learning style.

  • In story mode, players begin their journey as space traders navigating to new planets, encountering alien species, building trading posts and expanding their network.
  • Learners have the freedom to complete quick missions or play any of the three modules: scanning, navigation and combat.
  • Players can customise their difficulty level between basic, intermediate and advanced, and choose to target specific factors.
  • Learners are motivated to earn promotions, badges and XP points as they develop fluency and master their multiplication skills to climb up the ranks.
  • Students will solve thousands of multiplication questions as they adventure through space.
  • Plus, students are given instant feedback, encouraging them to self-correct and saving teachers hours of marking time.

Multiverse is accessible through the ‘Play’ area of the Mathletics student console.

Find out more here: http://uk.mathletics.com/multiverse

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