Who are Nexus Education?

Welcome to Nexus Education. A community enterprise created for sharing ideas, talking about best practice and researching the very best products and services all with the aim of improving students’ (and teachers’) school lives.

Our aim is to give teachers a platform, through video blogs and school stories, enabling a community eager to help and inform each other to shape UK education for the better.

Our approach is completely impartial – we want to connect teachers to each other and to providers but, most importantly, we want to share YOUR ideas with our 10,500 strong community. We believe that teachers within classrooms up and down the country have the answers to many of the issues facing the education sector and we want to give them a voice.

Take a tour of our website, sign up to the newsletter and join the thousands of other teachers already enjoying our exclusive blog and vlog content. Stay tuned for big news – including our NeXworking events where we aim to donate £10,000 to school’s in our first year.

Our Story

Having had our introduction to the sector via a successful education events company, Damien and Michael got to listen to both sides of the education landscape – the schools and the suppliers. One thing was obvious – schools wanted to be able to research suppliers better and build a relationship without ‘being sold to’. Whilst suppliers wanted that initial introduction, through a respected intermediate, to enable them to start building a relationship with schools interested in what they offer.

Our solution? Nexus Education.

With combined contacts of over 11,000 school decision makers and over 1,800 educational suppliers, Damien and Michael realised they were the ones to plug this gap in the sector via sharing exclusive content, offering teachers a voice and introducing providers pertinent to schools needs – impartially, effectively and, above all, at no cost to the schools themselves.

Meet the team…