Kindness, a quality often under estimated

In her latest blog, Gemma writes about her experience in schools and the culture of kindness. Kindness is something that we often take for granted and it’s power underestimated, especially in the school environment.


In this piece, Nadine talks about not being cautious when tweaking well known techniques and instead confidently make something relevant to the class that you’re working with. In this case, the superhero – Mr VCOP

Be the Change You Want to See

This Mental Health Awareness Day be aware of just how strong and valuable you are! Cate Knight shares a time that she flourished in school.

Running – My Story

After not really doing anything active and having a stressful job, Nick Sermon decided to take on Couch to 5K. Since smashing it and numerous marathons, he encourages us all to give it a go.

Presentation Skills for Leaders

‘I write this having just sat through yet another ‘death by Powerpoint’ experience where the presenter simply read through the numerous bullets on their overloaded slides.’ 
Robert Lilley explains Garr Reynolds’ 7 ways to improve our slides and presentations in order to achieve ‘Presentation Zen’.

I emailed Gavin Williamson…

Following on from Carol’s blog on the new GCSE’s, she went along to an event where Angela Rayner, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, had been invited. She wanted to find out if there was any hope there…