Enhanced Provision in Key Stage Two

When children finish a school year and return in September, they are often expected to work at a higher level with little preparation. Adam discusses how he is preparing his students while supporting the whole class.


It’s about this time of year that the media begins to fill with reviews of the past twelve months. But what if we were to turn the clock back half a century… to 1968.

Is Christmas an Emotional Minefield for You?

Charmaine Roche’s personal reflections on the importance of a healthy balance between giving and receiving.

Online Gaming – Friend or Foe?

Online gaming is so popular with kids but can be dangerous. Sally Davies, discusses how to keep gaming safe for children and how to gain their trust.

#MakerED Series Visits Tanya Fish & Pimoroni- Episode III

Episode 3 of Caroline’s (@Ka81) extremely popular vlog series on #MakerEd.
Making, Maker Community and Getting Set Up with a #Makerspace.

The Meaning of Instructionally Disabled

How can the simple sentence I saw a cat climbing up a tree lead to confusion for vulnerable learners? Words with numerous meanings need better explanation for children who are ‘Instructionally Disabled’.

‘Twas the Day Before the Holidays

A funny and real look at the last weeks before the Christmas holidays.

The Most in Demand Skills by 2020- World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum published their list which highlights the most in demand skills leaders of business are stating that young people will need by 2020.

This blog by Jayne Carter explores the skills in this list and considers the implications for our own teaching & learning.

My First Term Teaching

Not long left until the holidays! Most teachers would say they love their job but that doesn’t mean you’re not looking forward to a break. Here, Lydia, looks back on her first term teaching.