I’m an NQT …. Get Me Out of Here!

For Sarah, university and placements are coming to an end but does the ‘perfect’ school exist when looking for you first role as an NQT?

Counting: 10 to 0 then 0 to -10

Really fun maths starter for counting from 10 and down though 0 to minus 10. I find that by physically saying the number as they jump through the hoops, it helps them understand how counting through zero works.

#MakerED Series- Episode V

Episode 5 of Caroline Keep’s terrific vlog series on #MakerEd. This week she shows us around her Makerspace.

How Leaders Can Foster Critical Thinking

The next blog in Janelle McLaughlin’s series discusses how your whole school should have goals and think critically.

‘Made By Dyslexia’- Why I Encourage You all to Train.

Nick completed the Made By Dyslexia course and is already using it throughout his home and teaching life. He encourages us to do the same.