SEN Funding

Abigail Hawkins from SENDCO Solutions helps explain SEN funding and sorts the truth from the myths.

The Powers of a Notebook

We all know that as a teacher you have a thousand and five things going on at once. Nadine shares the tips and tricks she’s learned over the past few years to help her keep track of her thoughts and focus.

Teaching in Dubai: Schools During Ramadan

Being a teacher in Dubai means experiencing the holy month of Ramadan once a year. Many people ask what it is like living in a Muslim country over this period of time. For me, it is a great cultural experience and a great opportunity to join in with local traditions and celebrations.

Tools for Enhancing Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom

The final blog from Janelle focusing on communication. This week, she discusses the digital communication tools she uses that can help teachers.

Beyond the Mirror

An individual, personal summary of the dynamics between reality/ perceived reality & impact on wellbeing.