My Dream Job- where is it?

In her final year of training, Emily started applying for NQT positions. She was excited but this started to dwindle and after a number of interviews, she had to come to the realisation that she wouldn’t have a position in September so she signed up to supply work. She has some powerful advice for others.

This is why we need to be angry and make our voices heard!

When Carol saw a Tweet from The Mathematical Association, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to get her views about the Maths GCSEs heard. Was she getting heard?

20 Years Later is Anything Greater?

‘I considered taking my own life but a single song hitting the radio where I was staying stopped me. It was time to claim my life back.’ 
A challenge for you and your team. In his second blog for Nexus, Carl wants you to reflect on how things have changed for you and your teaching career.

The Weight of Paper

‘Maisey’ fell in love with teaching at 10 and nothing was going to stop her helping others. Nothing, until the paperwork and bureaucracy took over. She argues, ‘who is it all for?’

What is Metacognition?

Based on research, metacognition adds an average of 7 months additional progress and is one of the cheapest strategies. Now many teachers and senior leaders are looking to implement it at their school. But what actually is it? And most importantly, how can we help students develop it?

Teacher 5 a day Buddy Box: Forging Unforgettable Friendships

‘When I set up Teacher5aday Buddy Box I wasn’t exactly in the best of places – mentally or literally. I was struggling with workload, high expectations and my own refusal to accept I was struggling.’ 
Victoria Hewett (Mrs Humanities) shares the story of why she set it up and how it helps others.


One minute you’re OK. You’re on top of the marking, still planning interesting lessons, tired but with something in reserve. […] Then, often out of nowhere, something unexpected saps your energy and resilience in one fell swoop. […] Sleep simply doesn’t touch the fatigue you feel and no amount of pep talk, caffeine or determination can lift the blues that have settled. You’re running on empty. This is burnout.

The ‘Don’t Panic’ Guide to Deficit Budgets

Deficits can hit any school at any time – they can be the result of a demographic change and the related funding shortfalls and changes, unforeseen staffing issues or the school roof blowing off!
Stuart Fern, Finance Director at One Education has some advice.