My School’s Journey to Getting Music Mark.

What started out as a temporary position for Nick, turned into a whole new direction for his school. Here he shows how music is changing lives at the school.

Confessions of a Cr*p NQT

Feel as if you’re finding it harder than expected as an NQT or RQT? Most teachers would say they’ve been there. Caroline Locke writes how she went from a struggling NQT to commanding her classrooms.

Adding value to your STEM and STEAM programme

Nexus Education is proud to announce our partnership with Steam School and offer our community the chance to work with Steam School on adding value to your existing STEM/STEAM programme and help you to inspire the next generation of scientific pioneers and tech entrepreneurs.

3 Tools to Engage Ownership in Your Classroom

Struggling to keep your class engaged or have a few behavioural issues? Stephen Johnson has 3 key ‘tools’ to take ownership of your class.

Feeling Alone in Your Teaching Role?

Whether you have support and friends in your teaching role or not, there are always other tips and encouragement out there. In Janelle’s latest vlog she discusses how social media ended her isolation.

Mental Health in Schools

Oliver Welsby from Brightcore Wellbeing & Safeguarding Consultancy discusses the huge issue of mental health and wellbeing in schools.

Skype: Invite the World to your Classroom

Most students already use Skype, Face-time or some other video messenger. Simon Hunt shows just some of the ways they can be used in the classroom for any age group or subject.

Music, Dyslexia and Technology-pt. 2

Nick Sermon spoke at the British Dyslexia Music Conference. He ‘lets us in’ on what he spoke about; how to utilise technology to help dyslexic students studying music, part 2.