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Following her attendance at the fantastic #LGBTed event, Ms Glynn shares her ‘coming out’ story with us and tells us how it affected her and her career. Are YOU doing enough to support LGBT issues in your school?

Is failure a bad thing? Not if we learn from it. Derek Rhodenizer and others from the sector share their experiences with failure and how they teach their students to cope with it.

In response to a question from a friend, Craig Kemp looks at how you can find time for professional development even though you’re busy leading others.

The mainstay of most GCSE exams is the short-text question. For our new GCSE Practice Exams, we have developed a free-text marking engine that is robust enough to deal with real GCSE questions and, more importantly, real students. That system is now (March 2018) in beta, and performing well above expectations.

Dede Rittman talks about teachers recently protesting the conditions under which they are teaching- outdated and crumbling textbooks, broken student furniture, lack of supplies for students, and more.

BOBs are Building Outside the Blocks Projects that come in two different forms: One-Off and Tri. When coupled with the BOB Approach helps students build skill, autonomy, connection and community. Regardless of the presentation cycle, a teacher can employ several One-Off BOBs over a school year or a few One-Offs and a Tri-BOB.

Every teacher is inspired by somebody, that’s why we ended up in this job. Hopefully one day we will inspire someone else ourselves to become teachers, for some people that’s the dream. Last February I was encouraged to apply for a job at my old school. I was admittedly apprehensive; I have been a strong believer in not going back. But, due to my family situation I decided to apply and luckily, I got the job!

Ms Glynn reflects back on a year of travel following battles with #MentalHealth during her year as an NQT. It’s great to share something that so many struggle with but so few are brave enough to say out loud