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Right now, teachers all over the world are making/grading/creating tests for their students. I have quit all that foolishness. I have not abandoned testing in my classroom. Instead, I have become more student centered and have given my students the responsibility of creating their tests…in particular, our final exams.

Gillian Judson explains where to look for theoretical and practical support for centralising the neglected educational concepts of #Imagination and #Place in one’s practice.

In light of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, the Mental Health Foundation is focusing on stress. Here is @lifeflowbalance (Charmaine Roche) take on “What is the single greatest thing we could do to prevent mental health problems?”

In her second #NexEdBlog, Aashumi Manazhy looks at the role of a mentor to a #NQT and details how her mentors helped in her teacher journey.

Gary Henderson follows up his brilliant #NexEdblog with part II of Preparing students for [digital] life.

Author and Veteran English and Theatre teacher, Dede Rittman, reflects upon how she built important positive relationships with her students to improve learning outcomes.

Gemma Cloughton talks about how language can inspire and be a powerful and positive teaching tool.

Our first encounter was not your typical one: he kicked me. Hard. And then he ran away and hid in a corner, waiting to see what my reaction would be.
Little did I know that this little kid – I’ll call him Todd Liam – would change my whole teaching experience.