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BA Primary Hons Student, Sarah McCabe, explains her journey into education. She explains her wish to #getintoteaching and gives her advice for students looking to enter the profession.

In her first NexEd Blog, @Aashumi_M explains what its like to teaching in an International School as well as detailing her journey. A fascinating read!

In his first #NexEdBlog, Adam Brennan talks us through the trials of being a supply teacher and how more positive planning can lead to a smoother experience for all.

Climate Change ….. One of the most used phrases being thrown around by people. Not only in politics, but in education, business, and everyday conversations. But do we really know what we are talking about and are we putting our best foot forward as teachers to ensure we educate the future generation about this topic?

Within schools we have a wide range of programmes designed at preparing students for the increasing technological and digital world in which they both already live, and will live in the future. E-Safety, digital citizenship or digital leader are just some of the terms used in schools. But what exactly should we be covering?