As the 50th anniversary of man’s first lunar landing approaches, primary school children are being invited to take a giant leap of their own by designing a hotel on the Moon.

Launched by primary science experts Empiribox, theMoon Hotel Competition’ asks pupils to stretch their imagination by inventing the very first lunar lodging, considering the weird and wonderful features needed to make Moon holidays possible.

Open to primary school pupils aged 7-11 years (KS2), the competition invites children to create a poster or pamphlet which advertises their Moon hotel and explains the science around it. Thinking about food, water, air and gravity, they’ll be encouraged to come up with innovative designs which meet the challenges of lunar life and showcase their space science knowledge.

The winning school will have the chance to make science lessons even more exciting, by landing a year’s free subscription to Empiribox. This amazing prize will help teachers to deliver wow-factor science experiments, providing all the equipment, resources and expert training needed.

The winning pupil will also receive a bundle of space-themed prizes from the European Space Agency (ESA), including kits to build a robot and solar powered rocket.

Empiribox Founder Dan Sullivan said:

“The historic Apollo 11 landing on July 20th 1969 changed history in an instant, paving the way for future exploration and sparking curiosity in children everywhere. This exciting competition will help teachers to bring the science of the Moon landing to life, inspiring the next generation of explorers, engineers and astronauts.”

Pupils can kick-start their designs by watching a special video interview with astronaut Tim Peake, in which he answers children’s questions about life in space. The video, which was filmed by Empiribox to celebrate Science Week, can be viewed online here:

The ‘Moon Hotel Competition’ is open to KS2 pupils in UK primary schools, and children have until 14th June 2019 to submit their entries. Primary schools are encouraged to take part by visiting

Empiribox works with primary schools across the UK, helping teachers to deliver inspiring lessons and fun practical investigations to engage younger children with science.

Discover how Empiribox is nurturing future scientists. Visit

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