Nexus Education welcomes today’s statement from the Department of Education which sets out the government’s new EdTech strategy (read the statement here)

As per the release; ‘Unveiling the EdTech strategy at the Schools and Academies Show in London earlier, the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, set out plans – backed by £10 million – to support innovation and raise the bar in schools, colleges and universities across England.’

This strategy aligns with Nexus Education’s own thoughts on how best to implement effective change in schools and transform teaching and learning for the better.

Although important, EdTech does not provide all the answers to issues schools are facing. One big issue is budget which is why Nexus Education has donated over 20% of their revenue to school groups NeXworking across the UK.

Via our innovative NeXworking sessions Nexus Education are changing the way via which schools meet whole market, not just edtech centric, solutions. The sessions have so far saved schools across the UK tens of thousands of pounds and, in return for running an event, each school group has received a £1,000 donation.

With the feedback gained from each attendee of the sessions (500 schools in 2018/19)  we are ensuring providers have the information and feedback to be equipped to create solutions which meet the needs of school leaders across the UK. With this feedback Nexus Education are building a thorough evidence base to demonstrate the impact of solutions in schools and advise accordingly.

More information on NeXworking, and the  £1,000 donations available to school groups, can be found at

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