Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications, this funding has now closed (as of Feb 11th 2020). Keep an eye on our website for more funding opportunities and check out www.nexus-education.com/nexworking to claim your school groups £1,000 grant.

The Ernest Cook Trust have launched the ECT Outdoor Essentials Grant which is an award of £500 to UK state funded primary and secondary schools to enable them to purchase wellies and waterproofs for pupils.

ECT have £200,000 to give away and will be awarding a total of 400 grants!

To find more information, and apply, visit http://ernestcooktrust.org.uk/grants/ect-outdoor-essentials/

Further Funding Opportunities..

If you’re interested in further funding opportunities for schools then visit www.nexus-education.com/nexworking and claim £1,000 for your school group, TSA, MAT or local cluster.

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