The more and more I am talking to schools and suppliers, the more I am finding a disparity in the way of thinking. I am saying this as both a business owner in the sector (Nexus Education ) AND a school governor.

Schools are saying to us that they need communications with suppliers to continue, meetings (virtually) to continue and budgets have to be allocated and spent. However, many suppliers, completely understandably, have furloughed staff because of cost and, as a consequence, school contact has gone down.

Schools are booking on to our virtual events at an astonishing rate because that need for research and procurement is still there!

I think, when many suppliers come back, there is a real danger that they’ll be WAY behind those who have been prospecting and continuing to meet during this time.

As one headteacher said on a recent Nexus webinar; Schools are open for business!

I’d also suggest you check out this webinar from headteacher, Derek Peaple, who talks about the COVID19 crisis and how it is affecting the commercial part of the sector: