The UK Edtech company TeachPitch is very happy to announce the launch of a brand new Teacher’s Fund; an initiative that offers financial support to less-privileged teachers with exceptional skills and ideas, enabling them to join the company’s Digital Skills Program.

TeachPitch is on a mission to ensure that all its online learners are able to thrive in a rapidly evolving new digital economy. Over the past year it has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of fascinating teachers who applied to train their peers in Digital Skills through its platform.

The Digital Skills Program aims to offer user-generated tutorials in topics such as Visual Literacy, Game Design, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Video Teaching and Learning – all created and developed by teachers themselves. Core to the TeachPitch approach is that all tutorials are based on the personal experience of teachers in their school and classroom.

The Digital Skills Program’s certification process led to the creation of a wide range of fascinating tutorials built on the experience of our instructors, many of which have been aggregated on the platform today.

Aldo de Pape, CEO at TeachPitch said: “We at TeachPitch have been genuinely impressed with the very high quality of ideas raised by teachers on how to digitally improve the situation in their school and classroom. We are proud to have been able to certify many excellent candidates and give them the ability and tools to train other teachers through our program. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to continue this quest for every teacher through our Teacher’s Fund.”

TeachPitch was founded in October 2014 as a technology to help teachers overcome the problem of information abundance through the process of curation, artificial intelligence and online training. The platform is currently used as a solution in over 130 countries by tens of thousands of teachers.

The aim of the Teacher’s Fund is to provide equal opportunities for all teachers wishing to take part in the Digital Skills Program. The fund goes live at the end of May 2019 when the next cohort of instructors will be invited to apply.

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