When I think back to the moments that I remember most vividly about teachers at school, it is the small interactions that you wouldn’t necessarily think mean anything at the time. Those moments are the ones where you feel like an individual, and that teacher knows you as an individual rather than just another student. They may not seem poignant at the time, but looking back, they are something that I am really appreciative of.

I have recently seen some contrasting views online about this. Some people going more than the extra mile for their form, and some people shunning the idea of spending any extra time with their pupils.

I love a poll on Twitter, and I completed a couple about form tutors. Nearly half of the people who responded really liked being a form tutor, but those who contributed also gave an insight into to why they voted as they did. Time. Since becoming a teacher I’ve realised how quickly that time passes. We have a long list of tasks everyday and sometimes being a form tutor on top of this can seem like an extra task, dare I say a hassle.